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Unsubscribe Link

Whenever you are sending emails, especially when sending to large groups of people, you should always include the unsubscribe link. By giving them this option, they are less likely to click Spam if they don't want to  receive your emails.

Just type something like the sentence below either in the email header or at the bottom of your message, noting that the word unsubscribe must be in curly braces in order to work. It will not display like that to the reader. They will not see the curly braces.

If you no longer wish to receive emails from this sender, please click {unsubscribe}.

This will insure that the person clicking unsubscribe will not be included in further emails from that sender. It does not remove the person’s email address from their record as they will still be able to receive emails from other senders.

When the person clicks Unsubscribe, they will see a prompt asking if they want stop all emails from that email address. They can click Cancel and continue to receive emails from that person (email address) or they can click Yes, unsubscribe me to confirm their opt out decision.

NOTE: You can create a people record for Church Newsletter, Student News, or Moral Concerns and use that user to send emails such as newsletters or other types of emails that go to large groups of people. Then if a person unsubscribes for that, they are not unsubscribing from a normal person. 

Click HERE to read how to manually add an OptOut for a person.