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Email Drafts

When preparing to send an email, you have the option to Save as a Draft. This Draft will remain private, available only to you, unless you share it. There are the following options available relating to Drafts:

  1. Saving a Draft before sending an email
  2. Editing and/or Sending a Saved Draft
  3. Sharing Drafts

How to Save a Draft before sending an email:

Step 1

  • Go to a people record and click Email > Individuals
  • NOTE: If you are planning to save as a draft, you do not need to select your recipients. Going to any record where you can access the green toolbar is fine. You just want to get to the Compose an Email page.

Step 2

  • Compose your email, including the subject

Step 3

  • Click Save as Draft

Step 4

  • Enter the name of the Draft and click Submit

At this point, you can leave the page. The draft will be saved. Notice that your number of recipients is now zero. 

How to Access and Edit and/or Send a Saved Draft:

Step 1

  • Select one of these options:
    • If you are ready to send the email
      • Go to your recipient list (your Organization, Tag, Search Results)
    • If you just want to Edit the Draft
      • Go to your own people record
  • Then click Email > Individuals from the toolbar

Step 2

  • Select the draft from the list on the right of the page under My Saved Drafts

  • NOTE: Saved Drafts will be listed as either My Saved Drafts or Saved Drafts by Others. In the screenshot below, the person is accessing a Saved Draft created by Karen.  In the screenshot above, Karen is accessing her own Saved Draft. 

Step 3

  • Finish your email and then note the following options/actions:
    • Press Save Current Draft
      • If you do not want to send the email, this will save the changes to your draft and you can repeat Steps 1 & 2 above when you are ready to edit it again or send it.
    • Press Test (send to yourself)
      • This will send a test to you for proofing. Just close the Test Email Sent box to continue. At that point, you can select one of the other options - Save Current Draft or Send.
    • Press Send
      • This will send the email to your recipient list and delete the draft
      • If you want to save the draft so that it is available after the email is sent, click the Save Draft box before pressing Send.

How to Share Saved Drafts:

You will be sharing all of your saved drafts with everyone that you add to this tag. You can remove users from the tag at any time. Until you remove them, they can access any of your shared drafts.

Exception: If you have a Saved Draft that was created using a Template and that Template was restricted to users in a specific role (we refer to these as Team Drafts/Templates), the user will not be able to access your Saved Draft unless they are also in that same role. In other words, you cannot violate the restrictions on a Template by sharing your Drafts with someone who is restricted from using the Template.

Step 1

  • Go to Manage Tags and create a new Tag with the name SharedDrafts
  • Click HERE to read about Tags

Step 2

  • While SharedDrafts is your Active Tag, find the user/users with whom you want to share the tag and add them to the Tag.


  • Do not share your SharedDrafts Tag, just add people to your SharedDrafts Tag. By virtue of their being in the Tag, they have access to your Shared Drafts.
  • Manage your SharedDrafts tag periodically. If you add someone to your SharedDrafts tag in order to collaborate on a specific Draft, once the collaboration has ended, you can remove them from your SharedDrafts tag.
  • Unless you click the box labeled Save Draft before sending an email, the Draft will not be saved.
  • Saved Drafts that were created using a Template available to Everyone can be shared with any users.