Attendance String

The Attendance String is a visual display of a person's attendance in an Organization in which they are a Member. To view the string, click on the person's Member Type either on the Organization Member tab or on the person's Enrollment tab on their personal record.
NOTE: The attendance string will display 52 items. For Organizations that have more than one meeting per week, the string will display approximately 6 months worth of attendance. For an Organization with Schedules that have an attend credit of "One Per Week", there will be only one position on the string for each week. However, the Attendance Transaction History will show all the possible meetings and which one/ones they attended (as well as a section at the bottom of that page that shows their Enrollment History). You can access the Attendance Transaction History by clicking the word Attendance to the left of the string. 


Here are the possibilities that can appear in an Attendance String:

  • P    the Member was Present
  • .      the Member was Absent
  • G    a Group/Headcount Meeting in which this person was neither marked present or absent
  • *     the Member attended elsewhere
  • O    the Member was Off-Site
  • V    the Member attended elsewhere as a Volunteer (VIP Member Type)

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