Church Management Software

Web-based, Ministry Focused, Complete and Affordable.
Built By the Church—For the Church

A Church Sponsored, Open Source Project (free, as in already paid for)

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The right tool for the work of the ministry

Fast and powerful—make your job easier—do it well

Find the right people

In BVCMS, there are lots of ways to find people—from our simple Quick Search, to our advanced QueryBuilder. You'll be able to target the exact group of people you need to minister to.

Keep track of involvements

BVCMS tracks attendance, enrollments, activities, giving, trends, online registration, emails sent/received, payments made, volunteer commitments and more. With all of this history, you'll know what you need to minister well. And establish an assimilation process.

Group your people

Organizations in BVCMS are used for just about everything related to how people are involved. Small groups, sunday school classes, committees, elders, deacons, staff, ball teams, mission trips, events, newsletter subscriptions, registrations.

Move around with ease

Just about everything links to something else. Links make it fast and easy to go from one part of the system to another.

About Us

We have a story to tell. We've been working on BVCMS since January, 2008. We released the first version in full production in October, 2008. We made the code available as Open Source in April 2009. We hung our shingle out for to host other churches in May 2009. But the history of the project goes back before that even. Read the history of the project and consider becoming a part of our story!

BVCMS was built:

  • in the church
  • for the church
  • by members of the church

Open Source

BVCMS is an Open Source Software Project. This means that the source code is freely available for anybody to examine or use. But it is restrictive in that you cannot use it in a commercial product or sell it. We host the code at

Sponsored Development

Because BVCMS is Open Source, this means that all new features are paid for and sponsored by churches. And all new code goes right back into the Open Source project for all other churches to benefit.


Fees for BVCMS include not only hosting in a world class data center but also responsive support from people who use the system in their own church. We maintain a web-farm at and update the site weekly with improvements and new features.

You can find out how much it will cost your church using the pricing calculator .


Organizations, Meetings, Attendance, Advanced Search, Mobile Apps, iPad Check-in, Online Registrations and Giving. We have what you need to do minstry no matter what size you are. We are in active development and release new features every week.


Our users really like our system. Visit our testimonials page to read some examples. There is even a place where you can post your own testimony.

Demo Database

We have a demo database you can play around with. It is full of fake people records and organizations. You get read-only access just as if you were a minister at your church. If you want to see the rest of the features, ask us.


Our documentation site is your definitive reference point. It is truly a work in progress. Active development means we will always be behind. You'll hear us referring to it as the wiki documentation. It's fully searchable too.


We try to send out a newsletter once a month. It is how we inform our users about new features and what we are working on. We just need your email address to get started. Read our past Newsletters.


We do webinars for training and show you about BVCMS. We have a number of recorded Webinars and Videos that you can learn from.


We write about new features in BVCMS in our blog. This is the place to go to to see what that new "thing" on your page is. Some times we blog about it before we write the documentation just to give you a head's up.